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Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake

Joe Pool Lake is the main attraction for most folks that visit Cedar Hill State Park. There are a lot of facilities in the park to help you enjoy the lake. These include 2 boat ramps, numerous fishing piers, lakeside picnic and camping sites, and a swimming area. There are also a number of other parks and facilities that provide access to Joe Pool Lake. You can learn about Cedar Hill's marina, the two boats ramps and fishing in Joe Pool by continuing to scroll down this page or by clicking on one of the links below.

Joe Pool Marina - CLOSED

Joe Pool Marina Store

The Joe Pool Marina is no longer in business.







White crappie, largemouth bass, and catfish are the main sport fish found in Joe Pool Lake. Sunfish are also present and very catchable. Joe Pool Lake BassYou can fish from the shore at Cedar Hill and other lakeside parks (Loyd Park and Lynn Creek Park - links to those parks are on the left side of this page). Plenty of folks also fish from their boat.

The picture shown to the left is a 19 inch bass caught (and released) by Tim Donovan in October of 2010. If you have a Joe Pool fishing photo and/or a fishing tale to share do send it to us...we might even post it to the Joe Pool Lake fishing gallery.

A good place to find some great information about fishing the lake, or fishing anywhere in the state, is at the Texas Fishing Forum.

Boat Ramps

There are two boat ramps in Cedar Hill State Park. The park gate opens at 6 am and you will need to pay the park entry fee to access the boatramp.

There is one large boat ramp adjacent to the Joe Pool Marina. It has a big parking lot where you can leave your rig. Click on any of the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pictures below.

Joe Pool Lake Marina boat slip


The boat ramp adjacent to the Joe Pool Marina.....





Boat ramp parking lot



..... the parking lot...





....and a Google maps birds eye view of the Joe Pool Marina, the Joe Pool Marina Store, and the boat ramp.

Joe Pool Marina








The second boat ramp is not as wide as the one next to the Joe Pool Marina. It is located along the edge of a large parking lot. There is plenty of room to back into the ramp and there are generous sized parking spaces for your truck and trailer.

Cedar Hill State Park boat slip for access to Joe Pool Lake


Boat ramp access to Joe Pool Lake....






....and a Google maps birds eye view of this area.

Cedar Hill State Park Boat Ramp










Check out other lake access locations at the Joe Pool Lake boat ramp page

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