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So far I have found a few blog entries that have a decent accounting of someone's trip to Cedar Hill State Park. If you have a post that either has an account of your time spent in the park or you have a post that has some nice pictures (or a post that has both!) please let me know. I can't promise I will post every suggested blog post about the park. My selection criteria is focused on providing information that adds something new to what has already been said here or in any of the sites that are already listed below.

Here is a post about a family camping trip to Cedar Hill. Some nice photos that give a good idea about what it is like to stay and spend some time enjoying the park.

This post is about a cold February overnight stay in the park. After you read about the camping adventure, you can click on the photo on the top right hand side of the page to go to a slideshow of photos taken in the park. You can see from any of the pictures that show the hardy campers that it was cold (gotta love having a hat for a cooler night of camping!), but the dogs didn't seem to mind one bit. The blogger/camper also posted a great review of the park.

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